Lithuanian language courses for adults

Acquire basic Lithuanian language skills. Choose quality language courses and study in a way that suits you: online or in class.

If you are studying or working in Lithuania, we invite you to learn our native language which is also one of the oldest languages in the world. Join Lithuanian language courses for adults.

Lithuanian language courses are taught in English or Russian.

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Timetables and prices of group courses

You will study in a small group (4-10 people), receive a folder, a notebook and a pen in your courses. Textbooks are not included in the price of the course. The textbook will cost additionally from 10€ to 35€. 

You can join groups which were launched earlier. You can find out the price for the rest of the course by sending a query or calling us for free on 8 800 300 30

    Why should you choose our courses?

    • You will study in groups of similar ability students.
    • Small groups (4-10 people).
    • Professional and friendly environment.
    • Convenient location and time of the lessons.
    • Carefully chosen study material, online workbooks.
    • You will receive a folder, a notebook and a pen in our courses.
    • You will receive a folder, a notebook and a pen in our courses.
    • 85% of clients would recommend „KALBA“ services to their friends.
    • 93% of clients think of our customer service as either excellent or very good.
    • We have been teaching foreign languages for more than 28 years.

      Course description

      General and spoken language courses are adapted for language users of all levels.

      During the courses all four language skills are developed: reading, speaking, listening and writing.

      Exceptional attention is devoted to the practical use of languages. All group members are encouraged to participate in discussions and talks.

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      Daiva Petraškienė
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      More about the Lithuanian language

      Lithuanian language, derived from the Eastern Baltic languages, is said to be one of the oldest and most complex languages in the world, and it also has many similarities with Sanskrit. Lithuanian language is spoken in Lithuania and parts of Poland and Belorussia. It is quite a difficult language with various grammar structures, but its charm compensates for all the hardships.

      If you are planning your future in Lithuania, Lithuanian language is necessary for You to know. In these Lithuanian language courses, you will become acquainted with Lithuanian and will learn to use it in various personal situations. Moreover, knowing Lithuanian language will open new doors in the job market. Having learned Lithuanian, you will be able to feel as a first-class resident in Lithuania, find a job easily and improve in your professional field.

      During the courses professional teachers will introduce you to the Lithuanian language, its grammar and spelling. With every lesson you will acquire more of the language, learn to like it, and start communicating in it in your environment.

      What should I know about the course?

      • You are not sure that you will like the course? Our managers will provide you with all the information on the conditions of trying out the course (rules may differ in different branches).
      • You are not sure of the level you should choose? It is not a problem: we suggest taking our FREE test to understand your level. If you are starting from the very beginning, choose level A1.1.
      •  our school you can study not only in groups, but also individually, in groups online or individually online.

      Why does it pay off to study at „KALBA“?

      • We guarantee quality and the opportunity to benefit from our courses for our clients.
      • We are the only certified Cambridge English examination center in Lithuania.
      • We offer a very wide selection of language courses.
      • We teach in classrooms which are comfortable and adapted for courses.
      • Our managers will help you solve any problems and answer your questions.