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Lithuanian language courses for adults

Acquire basic Lithuanian language skills. Choose quality language courses and study in a way that suits you: online or in class.

If you are studying or working in Lithuania, we invite you to learn our native language which is also one of the oldest languages in the world. Join Lithuanian language courses for adults.

Lithuanian language courses are taught in English.

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Preparing for the Category I Lithuanian language exam

The fast and effective information you need! You will learn the most important aspects of the Lithuanian language exam, and get the knowledge and confidence you need to achieve excellent results.

During the course you will be informed about exam registration, test format and sample tasks. The teachers will help you understand the exam procedure, the process of announcing results and the issuing of certificates.

The course is designed for those who are studying Lithuanian language at A2 level. The course is available in Russian or English.

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You will study in groups of similar ability students.

Professional and friendly environment.

Carefully chosen study material, online workbooks.

More about the Lithuanian language

Lithuanian language, derived from the Eastern Baltic languages, is said to be one of the oldest and most complex languages in the world, and it also has many similarities with Sanskrit. Lithuanian language is spoken in Lithuania and parts of Poland and Belorussia. It is quite a difficult language with various grammar structures, but its charm compensates for all the hardships.

If you are planning your future in Lithuania, Lithuanian language is necessary for You to know. In these Lithuanian language courses, you will become acquainted with Lithuanian and will learn to use it in various personal situations. Moreover, knowing Lithuanian language will open new doors in the job market. Having learned Lithuanian, you will be able to feel as a first-class resident in Lithuania, find a job easily and improve in your professional field.

During the courses professional teachers will introduce you to the Lithuanian language, its grammar and spelling. With every lesson you will acquire more of the language, learn to like it, and start communicating in it in your environment.

What should I know about the course?

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    We organise Lithuanian language courses in small groups or individually.

    Group courses take ~2 months. To find out more information of the course, please call us at +370 618 36686 or send us an enquiry.

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    Prices for individual courses in other languages

    A 5% discount is available for purchases of 30 academic hours and a 10% discount is available for purchases of 40 academic hours.* The discount will be applied in the shopping cart when you select the desired number of hours.
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    Valyti filtrus Pritaikyti
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