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Foreign language courses for students

If you want to learn, get results and become fluent in the language of your choice, sign up for our courses.

  • Results-based learning programmes
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  • Our teachers teach 12 languages!

Learning guarantee

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Over 30 years of experience

Unique methodologies developed

225 000+ happy customers

What do our customers say about us?

"Distance learning has been an advantage for me, saving me time and money. The later training times (from 7pm) are convenient. I liked the teachers' methods, tools and feedback, although I lacked time to prepare myself. I have chosen to continue the course at a higher level and look forward to new experiences. I wish the same for others - it's all in your hands!"

Živilė B.

A year and a half ago, I decided to retrain in IT and realised I needed English. I failed a test, so I started looking for distance learning courses and discovered Kalba.lt. It was a difficult start, but after six months I could speak a little bit. I studied with two teachers, made friends with my "classmates" in English and even made friends. During my summer abroad, I was able to communicate well in English. We are planning to continue our training with our classmates to reach B2. I would stay here because I am satisfied.

Aušra M.

As many as 80% of employers require English language skills

Training methodologies

3P methodology: Needs, Plan and Care are the three P’s we use in our courses. Once we have identified the needs, we propose an appropriate training plan and monitor progress.

Feedback: We believe that the greatest value a tutor can provide is timely, clear feedback. We have developed a system for doing this in a quality way.

Learning progression

A methodology perfected over 30 years to achieve your goals

Step two

In the first year of the sessions, we assess whether you are in the right group. Each lesson you work with a tutor and are divided into groups to improve your speaking skills during the session.

Step Three

At the end of each course, we organise a knowledge assessment test. Afterwards, we issue a personalised digital certificate of completion.

Group courses in other languages

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Individual courses in other languages

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General foreign language 30 ac. hrs. indvidual course for children

Remote: INDV3

Category Specific Image

General foreign language 20 ac. hrs. indvidual course for children

Remote: INDV2

Category Specific Image

General foreign language 10 ac. hrs. indvidual course for children

Remote: INDV1


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    Our teachers are language experts who are constantly improving their qualifications. Our quality department ensures.

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    Dovilė Zasimavičienė

    Vilnius Pedagogical University

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    Vytautas Magnus University

    Irma Jasaitė

    Vilnius University

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    Frequently asked questions

    Our teachers are language experts who are constantly improving their qualifications. Our quality department ensures.

    What if I register for the wrong level?

    In the first session, the trainer assesses whether all participants in the course meet the assigned level of training and, if necessary, assigns the participant to the next group most appropriate to his/her knowledge level.

    Money-back guarantee.

    We guarantee to refund your money if your plans change within 14 calendar days of purchasing the course, if the language course does not meet your expectations or if you find it unsuitable.

    How do you guarantee payment?

    The test is used to assign participants to the most suitable groups, the training is organised according to a pre-approved course programme, and interim tests are written throughout the course to monitor progress and attendance of each participant. These conditions ensure that the knowledge is properly assimilated.

    How many participants make up a group?

    Groups up to 10 participants.

    What if I can't attend a lesson?

    Be sure to inform your responsible manager or lecturer. Your lecturer will send you information on what has been covered in the session and what homework assignments you need to complete in the online exercises.

    Can I join groups that have already started?

    Yes, you can successfully join a group within the first two weeks of the start of the course. The exception to this rule is the Beginner (Level 1) groups, which are recommended to join from the first or second class.

    What level should I choose if I don't know the language at all?

    A1.1 - beginner level.

    Is group training effective?

    Yes, because the groups are made up only of participants of the same or very similar level and language proficiency, who have the same relevance to the information provided during the course.

    Teacher competence

    Our company employs specialists with philological or pedagogical education, who continuously improve and deepen their knowledge at the Kalba.Lt training academy.

    Will these courses help you study abroad?

    Of course! To study abroad, you must have at least a B2-C1 level in the foreign language of your choice. Language courses offer an excellent opportunity to achieve the required level.

    Problems connecting to distance courses?

    Distance learning via Zoom. Please remember to download the app to your computer or mobile phone before the session. Make sure the video camera is working and there are no sound problems.