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For 29 years, we’ve been helping you to open up new career opportunities, better understand foreign countries, get better grades at school, pass matriculation or international exams, get a top university degree, and find the right career path for you.

Language courses

We teach a variety of foreign languages and prepare for international exams.

Study abroad

We can advise you on studying abroad and help you get into the university of your dreams.

Career advice

We help you choose your study programme and career path.


We offer career and foreign language camps in Lithuania and abroad.

Educational services for Your business

We invite your employees to learn a foreign language or improve their knowledge. We offer a range of training programmes to suit your needs.

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Why choose Kalba.Lt?

Years of experience

We have been teaching foreign languages, advising students on their studies and offering tutoring services for over 29 years.


The world is changing fast, and so are we. We are improving our products, developing new ones and raising our competences.


We try to find the best option for each client: timing of lectures or consultations, payment schedule, type of communication.


We have a quality department whose job it is to make sure the service you receive is high quality and your progress is monitored.

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Why our language courses?

There are many different ways to learn a language, but if you want to really learn, we’re the right choice.

We are the only official „Cambridge English“ exam centre in Lithuania.

We use our own methodologies, developed and refined over more than 29 years, to teach and consult.

We do not measure the knowledge acquired in the abstract, but using CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

After our course, you will receive a certificate proving your level of knowledge. It is recognised by most Lithuanian employers and recruitment agencies.

What do customers say about us?

I like everything and the quality of the courses is the best. I drive from Radviliškis to Šiauliai just because of the quality of service. There is no other place in Šiauliai that offers such a high level of service.

VITALIJA P. Language courses

The IELTS course was extremely useful and informative. The teacher was very good at explaining new information and giving good examples. Of course, there was a lot of laughter, games and other fun in the lessons. I found the course really valuable and useful.

TAUTVYDAS S. IELTS preparation

The feedback has been positive, maybe because I have a very good english teacher. I have learnt both speaking and writing and I hope to get a high percentage in the exam. I will definitely recommend Kalba.Lt to anyone who chooses to learn english.

VIKTORIJA Preparing for the exam

Articles and success stories

We share our knowledge not only in courses and consultations, but also in various programmes and articles. We invite you to read and perhaps discover something new or be inspired by the success stories of our clients.

Prigimtys ir intelektai

Prigimčių ir intelektų sistema leidžia kiekvienam mūsų lengviau atrasti unikalųjį save, surasti logiškus paaiškinimus, kodėl tose pačiose situacijose visi elgiamės skirtingai, ir suprasti tai kaip natūralią duotybę.

Koks žmogus yra darnus?

Darnus žmogus viską, ką daro, daro lengvai ir tuo mėgaujasi.
American educator, author and public speaker

Kodėl kalbame apie darną?

Manome, kad kalbėti apie darną yra svarbu, nes neretai žmonės pasigenda darnos bent vienoje gyvenimo srityje.